Education Consultancy

I specialise in e-learning and helping students and tutors make the most of today's technology in the classroom and at home. My webtools site and Staff ICT Skills Audit are both valuable tools for CPD and Ofsted Inspection preparation. I am also available as a Supply Teacher.


I put my photography and writing skills to good effect across a range of services, from web design to editing publications.

Expert Interests

After collecting Corgi Toys and Great Britain's Machin definitive stamps for nearly 50 years I have become quite knowledgeable about both. I have developed and maintain detailed catalogues of these valuable items for collectors and investors.

Other activities

I am never, ever bored.


I have written several novels and published a few as well as children's stories and poems.


I listened to Radio London and Radio Caroline as a teenager and kept records of all sorts of artists and bands. Being able to access all the oldies as well as current material effectively for free now is wonderful. I write regularly about entertainment shows like X Factor and Eurovision.


Another huge benefit of technology for me has been the ability to take photographs and not worry about the cost of developing them, printing them or even editing them! I think if I were asked for the one thing that has really had an impact on what I do then that could be it.


I haven't been all over the planet but have enjoyed the Greek Islands immensely and have become well-acquainted with Zhytomyr and have now made three trips to the beautiful Gozo. Slightly closer to home, I have driven around Skye and most parts of England. I have even driven to Kos and Skiathos by car. Great fun and I hope to do something similar again one day.

If you have any questions or think I can help

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