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The Big Guide to Excel2007 [1.7MB PDF]

1 Getting data
2 Deleting data
3 Adding data
4 Tidying up sheets
5 Sorting into A-Z and numeric order
6 More sorting
7 Finding just some data
8 Matching several different criteria
9 Charts
10 Change the colours
11 Change the axis
12 Calculations
13 Calculations with dates
14 Working across several sheets
15 Validation
16 Using LookUp tables
17 IF statements
18 Conditional formatting
19 What happens if? and other stories...
20 Protect and survive!


Welcome to some spreadsheet training.

We’re using Excel 2007 in the prepared examples and notes but hopefully most will still apply and prove useful in almost any version of Excel and many for other software like OpenOffice Calc and Google Docs.

The tasks range from pretty easy to pretty geeky and you can stop and start at any point.

The scenario

You have a list of students and some marks in three subjects. You get increasingly demanding requests from your manager for information, sometimes to be presented in certain ways. You can, of course, ignore him or her and give up at any time! Should you wish to practice skills or techniques at a particular stage then there are notes available so that you can do tasks at your own pace too.

Generally, though, the first tasks are ones that you will probably want to be able to do well and with confidence. The later ones will not be things that everyone will expect to do regularly, if at all, but you may find one or two of value in your particular role.

The tasks

Click here for the complete list of tasks required in the student set. Each has a link to some notes. You can also access individual notes in the list on the left.

A separate introduction and illustrated guide to creating a Pivot Table has also been included in this separate section using this data file.

A range of other tasks is also available from links to the left.